• Men and Women Marking Their Territory
    Personal space may vary in size for an individual depending on the situation, his or her emotional state, gender, and the relationship with the other person. read more
    - 4 hours ago, 31 Jul 14, 1:20am -
  • Why Veterans and Civilians Need To Talk To Each Other
    Veterans and civilians need each other. Familiar verbal stop signs like, “you can’t understand” or “I don’t dare ask” are too costly for everyone. We need to find a way to have a dialogue about what is like to return from war, and what it…
    - 5 hours ago, 31 Jul 14, 12:38am -
  • Love or Lust? Do Your Eyes Give You Away?
    The common stereotype is of lovers gazing into each other’s eyes, while lust involves checking out the other’s body. Is there any truth to these stereotypes? What other secrets do our eyes reveal?read more
    - 7 hours ago, 30 Jul 14, 9:59pm -
  • ADHD and Relationships: The Other Partner
    When a romantic relationship is impacted by ADHD, what can the partner who doesn't have ADHD do about it? read more
    - 8 hours ago, 30 Jul 14, 9:15pm -
  • Does Where You Meet Your Partner Affect Your Relationship?
    Did you meet your partner at a bar? Through friends? In a kickball league? Your relationship’s place of origin may predict how your relationship will more
    - 10 hours ago, 30 Jul 14, 7:09pm -
  • The Cost of Defining Yourself as an Introvert or Extrovert
    You know less than you think you know about introversion and extroversion. You have been trained to choose one or the other, or more recently, you might have read about ambiverts.I offer a close look at another group that isn't quite as simple to c…
    - 12 hours ago, 30 Jul 14, 5:27pm -
  • 7 Tips for Fantastic Honeymoon Sex
    I see a lot of couples for premarital therapy, and the honeymoon is always a popular topic of conversation. There’s obviously a lot of sexual expectation that gets placed on the honeymoon, so it’s important to minimize that pressure and focus on…
    - 22 hours ago, 30 Jul 14, 7:00am -
  • iNertialized: The Hidden Problem with Cohabitation
    For decades, people have believed that living together should increase their odds of doing well in marriage because it provides a good test of the relationship beforehand. But there is almost no research support for this being true, which creates a…
    - 1 day ago, 29 Jul 14, 10:03pm -
  • 10 Relationship Red Flags
    Most of us will be involved in at least a few intimate relationships during our lifetime. Often, we have little to no expereince about what to expect and what to hope for. Often, it is our needs that dictates what we want to get out of a relationship…
    - 1 day ago, 29 Jul 14, 7:59pm -
  • OKCupid, Say It Ain't So!
    How OKCupid let down the more
    - 2 days ago, 29 Jul 14, 4:35pm -




    • A Simple Question That Will Change Your Search for Love
      Most advice on seeking love focuses on the skills of seeking, not the skills of loving. Apps, events and websites offer endless opportunities to meet, but until we learn how to choose healthy intimacy and nurture its tender new shoots, it’s unlikel…
      - 31 days ago, 30 Jun 14, 2:41pm -
    • An Interview with Judith Orloff, MD: The Power of Surrender
      Judith Orloff, M.D. is a psychiatrist, intuitive healer, and NY Times bestselling author. Her most recent book is the national bestseller The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life. In this interview, Judith explain…
      - 59 days ago, 2 Jun 14, 11:08am -
    • What No One Teaches Us About Love
      Fear of intimacy isn’t a character flaw rendering us unfit for intimacy; it is part of being human. If we're breathing, we have fear of intimacy. The real question is: How do we keep love at arms length-and what can we do to change that? read more
      - 1 Mar 14, 12:01pm -
    • The Power of the Gifts We Hide
      Each of us creates a “false self” to protect our “true self” when it feels frightening to be genuine in the world. If our false self becomes dominant, it begins to bury the very qualities it was originally designed to protect. These buried qu…
      - 17 Dec 13, 11:59am -
    • The Two Best Questions For Your Sex Life
      Often, the questions we ask of ourselves are what finally carve the shape of our lives. A great question excites us, opens new doors, and invites both compassion and curiosity. I’d like to offer two such questions about sex. Your answers will teach…
      - 18 Nov 13, 12:04pm -
    • Creating an Intimacy-Rich Life: A Journey In Three Stages
      In my practice as a psychotherapist, I’ve observed a remarkable pattern in the lives of people who strive for healthy intimacy. This pattern is marked by three important--and often surprising—stages. Each stage is a mark of real progress, yet few…
      - 21 Oct 13, 2:17pm -
    • Three Mindfulness Exercises to Improve Your Dating Life
      The search for a loving partner is one of our great life-tasks. Yet most dating advice is superficial; focusing endlessly upon the power of seduction and flat abs. Here are three exercises which approach dating as an adventure of self-discovery. They…
      - 31 Aug 13, 2:31pm -
    • Seduction Strategies Don't Lead to Love—These Skills Do
      The search for love is one of our greatest life-tasks. Unfortunately, the quality of much dating advice and the atmosphere of most dating venues ranges from superficial to downright demeaning. The skills of dating are the skills of intimacy—not gam…
      - 2 Aug 13, 11:57am -
    • Why Coming Out Isn't Just For Gay People
      Jason Collins’ coming out electrified the country—for more than political reasons. Everyone wrestles with the struggle between fear and authenticity. Coming out is an act of heroism we're all called to—and you don’t have to be gay to join the…
      - 5 May 13, 1:27pm -
    • From Demeaning Rules to Intimacy Tools: A Wiser Path to Love
      Valentines Day can be a challenging day for single people. But it can become a day of hope--if we resolve to ignore the bankrupt dating advice foisted upon us and finally align our search for love with the tools of real intimacy. The following three…
      - 14 Feb 13, 7:34pm -
    • How to Create Deep Intimacy In Imperfect Relationships
      Arielle Ford is the bestselling author of Wabi Sabi Love. In this interview, she teaches a simple and joyful way to deepen the relationships that matter most to us. Through gentle shifts in perception inspired by the ancient Japanese artform of Wabi…
      - 27 Jan 13, 1:52pm -
    • How To Find Your Core Gifts In Your Greatest Challenges
      On this first day of the New Year, I’d like to share a counter-intuitive approach to human change that I find tremendously exciting. Here is its central idea: Our deepest wounds frequently spring from our greatest gifts, and by acknowledging those…
      - 1 Jan 13, 12:15pm -


    • More On Circular Dating
      Just to clarify – Circular Dating is not about dating. It doesn’t even need to INCLUDE “dating.” Circular Dating is a therapeutic tool for interacting with men out in the world and using my tools. Period. That can look like an encounter with…
      - 3 days ago, 28 Jul 14, 1:16pm -
    • Strong On the Inside and Soft On the Outside – How it Works
      Just got this letter from Cami – who’s having a great experience: “Hi Rori, Just wanted to check in with you. So last night we had a very good night for the most part. But a lot of it I have to attribute to where I am right now. I feel more cen…
      - 7 days ago, 24 Jul 14, 1:34pm -
    • An Interview With Rori – Speaking From The Heart
      Here are some bits and pieces from an interview I did years ago: I was asked: “What about the words you say you teach people to use?” Here was my answer: The words and body language and all the other tools I developed and teach look very differen…
      - 10 days ago, 21 Jul 14, 1:18pm -
    • The Theme Park Of YOU – EngineeringLand
      Here’s another installment on my “The Theme Park Of You” Concept (hopefully, it’ll eventually be made into a book or program…): ENGINEERINGLAND – YOU AS “ENGINEER” This is the fix-it part of you. The part that does examining, analysis…
      - 14 days ago, 16 Jul 14, 10:08pm -
    • Some Basic Dating Tips…
      If you’re dating, practice being absolutely authentic from the moment you first speak. This means listening, not trying to control your anxiety by talking so much, actually tolerating anxiety until you get used to the feeling of connecting with som…
      - 20 days ago, 11 Jul 14, 4:31pm -
    • When A Man “Opens” With Sex Talk…
      The Question: “Rori, Don’t get me wrong… I love men… love what they are about and how their differences are so …. different… …the question that came up with my girl friends and I is when a man  just starts chatting… and the meet…
      - 28 days ago, 3 Jul 14, 12:28am -
    • What A Man Really Wants – Your Modern Siren Hotness
      So what does a man want in a woman more than anything else? As a man over 40 recently said to me “A man wants a woman who can give him a boner.” Sounds so crass. So basic. So what we’ve always thought and feared about man, doesn’t it? And yet…
      - 35 days ago, 26 Jun 14, 4:13pm -
    • Good Man vs. Sexy One
      Here’s a great letter re: A Good Man vs. A Sexy One” from Gina with a terrific outcome: Hi and I have an answer for this one! YES and yes….well, a maybe! I was also attracted to the bad boy vibes and as it turned out, also that he was so very g…
      - 35 days ago, 26 Jun 14, 1:10pm -
    • Last Chance – Siren Mom Live Teleclass Tomorrow
      Hi Sirens, Today is the last day you can sign up to ask me specific questions about love and relationships in my live teleclass “Dating Secrets For The Siren Mom” – and thank you SO much for your help and input addressing one of the key, crucia…
      - 37 days ago, 24 Jun 14, 4:07pm -
    • What To Tell A Man About Your Feelings
      Here’s a great question from “Sunshine” about sharing some deep feelings of hurt: The Question: “Hello everyone, I am new to this blog and I hope not to be intrusive. I just have a question… must a man know you have cried for him if you’r…
      - 38 days ago, 23 Jun 14, 1:42pm -


    • Emily Gibson, MY lovee forever
      1. Leave little love notes or piles of candy when you visit each other. Stash them away where your honey will be sure to find them, whether in the car,
      - 14 Feb 13, 7:05pm -
      I love you every day,how exciting that god gave me you ... a sweet little girl 8-pds/3 ounces , that was just so beautiful . it felt like i could hold
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:49pm -
    • My Everlasting Love for You
      I could go on all day and all night about how much you mean to me but I'll contain myself. I will, however, give you a few tidbits about you that
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:38pm -
    • More Than Words
      Jessica, I knew I loved you from the first day i met you back in high school. I wish so much that I wasn't so insecure and had talked to you a lot sooner
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:37pm -
    • Feliz aniversario al Hombre que cambio mi vida!
      Un día llegaste a mi vida sin anunciarte, te esperaba en silencio, sin saber que te esperaba, tan grande fue el efecto de tu presencia en mi existencia
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:30pm -
    • For the MAN of my LIFE...
      MAGED, I LOVE YOU... I want to thank GOD for giving me the chance to spend my life with you and I wanna thank you for loving me so much, I can't ask
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:28pm -
      I wanted to surprise you with something creative but i dont know how creative this is lol. I hope today ends up being a wonderful day for the both of us.
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:28pm -
    • to the only person to truly know me!
      It's crazy how i still remember the first day i met you...i knew no matter what i was going to be the guy to make you mine! I can't believe how confident
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:27pm -
    • The most amazing girlfriend in the world
      On April 1, 2011, I didn't realize what I was getting myself into, something so incredibly amazing, it’s almost unthinkable. That date has changed my life
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:26pm -
    • To the man I love, cherish,and adore ABS
      I thank Jesus everyday for all the wonderful and beautiful things he has given me but most of all you... I will love you forever I will cherish you forever
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:26pm -
    • I just had to make you believe too
      For the world to see.... Ever since we first met I always knew it would happen. I just had to convince you of the same. Sure it took almost 20 years and
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:25pm -
    • The Love Of My Life
      Ivonne, Baby, My World, My Everything, My Heart. If only I knew where to start on what to say to you or about you. You have truly stolen my heart. I
      - 14 Feb 13, 6:24pm -


    • Top 10 Things Every Single Gal Must Experience
      The other day my girlfriend called up to regale me with yet another of her single and fabulous stories. This one involved cocktails, a hot tub and a couple of sexy strangers. It reminded me of my own single days, and for that matter my own pair of se…
      - 19 Mar 14, 7:05am -
    • 25 Universal Truths About Men
      Most of the time, it’s smart to stay away from making generalizations about “the unfamiliar.” But sometimes there’s truth in these statements and men can certainly fall into this category for us. That’s why Relationship Doctor Bob Grant ris…
      - 27 Feb 14, 8:00am -
    • Why Women Feel More Attached after Sex than Men
      Could your hormones be the reason you feel close to him after sex? Find out what effect the hormone oxytocin could be having on your relationships and sex life.
      - 25 Feb 14, 8:00am -